Pu Erh tea

Pu Erh tea 25 g BIO

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Pu Erh tea can only actually be named for heicha tea produced in Yunnan Province, China. Elsewhere, heicha is produced and incorrectly named Pu Erh tea. Puerh’s taste is down to earth and even bark-like. The younger Puerh teas taste floral and even fresh. Puerh, or heichatee produced in Yunnan, is one of the oldest teas. In ancient times, it was made into, among other things, tea cakes for military use, when it was easy to transport and could be easily used as a commercial product outside China. Often Pu Erh is also suitable for aging tea, ie it heals as it ages. This Pu Erh quality is Shu-pu-erh, meaning it is not a raw tea but a dark tea made faster.