Dento Hon Gyokuro 50 g

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Gyokuro has its very own green tea quality. It is produced from only 0.3% of all Japanese green tea production. In spring, the leaves of the tea bush are covered by the sun for about three weeks. With the help of shading, the tea leaves get a strong green color and a real dose of teaine and chlorophyll. The tea leaves become so delicious that they can even be eaten after infusion.

Infusion: 10 g per 0.6 dl of water at 40-50 C and infusion time 1,5 min. With the second infusion 50-60 C and the time 20-30 s. Similarly the 3rd infusion but the 4th infusion already in hot water 80 C and the time only 10 seconds.

Photo copyright Yuko Ono Sthml.