Gyokuro Wazuka 30 g (organic)

€28,00 EUR

Gyokuro is a rare type of tea in Japanese tea culture. Its production differs from other green teas. First, it is shaded tea, i.e. 20 days before harvest the tea bushes are lightly covered to add leafy green. The dosage of the finished Gyokuro is also different than usual: first simmer 90 g of tea leaves for 10 g per 60 ml of water at a temperature of only 50 degrees Celsius. The next 3-4 times you can simmer, for example, 30 s at a time, depending on the strength of the aroma you want. The temperature can be raised to 60-70 degrees the next time. Gyokuro Wazuka is packaged at the Nakai family tea garden in Kyoto province. It is also rare ecologically due to its cultivation and production method, as organic gyokuro is usually not as good as other gyokuros. In that respect, Gyokuro Wazuka is a refreshing exception to the rule.