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Night Detox 25 g (organic) Hauduke

Night Detox 25 g (organic) Hauduke

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A corporate drink of the evening, which usually makes it easier to fall asleep. It is composed of relaxing herbs, the following organic ingredients:

- Bancha green tea (small amount)

- Nettle 49%

- Balm

- Chamomile 9%

- Moringa

- Mint

- Coconut

- Valeria 3%

- Wheatgrass

- St. John's wort

- Mallow

- Marigold

FI-EKO-201 produced in the EU and outside the EU.

Brewing: 2 teaspoons per 2 dl of water at 100 C, brewing time 7-10 min.

We sell tea by the gram and it is packed in one bag. For example, if you order 2 pieces, i.e. 50 grams, it will be packed in one bag.

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