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Purple tea 25 g Green tea

Purple tea 25 g Green tea

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Kenyan Purple tea is a cross between two species of the Camelia genus. It is prepared in the same way as green tea, but the antioxidants it contains, especially the anthocyanins, color the leaves purple. According to research, purple tea contains less caffeine than most types of green tea.

Purple tea is produced without pesticides in the mountains of Kenya at an altitude of 1400-2000 meters. The growing conditions are favorable just near the equator in the sunny mountains.

The taste of the tea is soft and semi-sweet. It does not become bitter very easily during brewing.

Brewing instructions: teaspoon per 2 dl of water 65-75 C and brewing time 3-5 min. Several brews from the same leaves.

Please note that we sell tea in grams, so by ordering 1 piece you get 25 g of it and by ordering 2 pieces you get 50 g and so on.

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