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Matcha Hisui (organic) 100 g

Matcha Hisui (organic) 100 g

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Green tea powder matcha is made from Japanese organic tea. It is packed in a 100g lined bag at the Old Tea Shop. The tea is produced in Shizuoka, central Japan.

Matcha is made using traditional methods. It can be used in a tea ceremony, but it is also very suitable for making a matcha latte or cooking. Matcha contains a lot of antioxidants, catechins and minerals many times more than other green teas. Matcha is also suitable, for example, for a slimming diet due to its high nutritional value. FI-EKO-201 produced in Japan.

Preparation: measure a teaspoon (about 1 g) or one matcha-sized powder per 1 dl of water at 70 C. Beat with a bamboo whisk for half a minute, i.e. until a light green foam forms on the surface.

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