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Yame-sencha (organic) 80 g

Yame-sencha (organic) 80 g

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A particularly invigorating tea product of KRAV quality from Japan. Yame-sencha is grown in the mountain village of Hoshino, which is a premium sencha area. Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. Sencha is particularly rich in theanine, which has a very restorative and relaxing effect on the body. The taste is balanced and the aroma is fresh. Japanese sencha leaves are steamed, not roasted, after collection. Yame-sencha from the Old Tea Shop selection is collected in April-May, when the best quality of the year is obtained.

Making yame-sencha:

6 g / 18 cl of water (70 C) and you can use the same leaves at least three times. The first time, a minute of simmering, the second time 20-30 seconds, the third time 10 seconds is enough. The water temperature on the second and third time is 80 C.

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