Yame Sencha Organic 80 g

€26,90 EUR

A tea product from Japan that is certified by KRAV. Yame Sencha grows in the mountain village of Hoshino, which is a prime Sencha area. Sencha is Japan’s most popular tea. 
Sencha is especially rich in theanine, which has a very restorative and relaxing effect on the body. The taste is balanced and the aroma fresh. The leaves of Japanese sencha are steamed, i.e. not roasted after collection.

The Yame Sencha from the Old Tea Shop selection was collected in April-May, when the best quality of the year is obtained.

How to prepare Yame Sencha tea?

 You can use 6 g / 18 cl of water (70 C) and the same leaves at least three times. The first time a minute of brewing, the second 20-30 seconds, the third 10 seconds will suffice. The water temperature for the second and third time is 80 C.

Instruction copyright of Yuko Ono Stockholm