New in our store

New in our store

At Midsummer we get a new tea crop from Taiwan, which is famous for its charming oolongs. Jinxuan Milky oolong in particular is well liked. Among the rarities is Da Yu Lin, which can be found in our green tea selection. It is usually sold out in 2-3 months, once the harvest has arrived in Finland.

In May-June, we received two different first-harvest teas. The first was Darjeeling Victoria's Peak, which comes from the Steinthal tea estate in northern India. This rare tea is only available for a short season, and in June another first-harvest Darjeeling, or Monteviot, went on sale.

The selection will be renewed in 2022

The European Union's organic regulation causes changes in the organic market. Luomukauppa Old Tea Shop is also renewing its selection of organically certified tea. A large number of new tea qualities and blends can be found in the selection. At the same time, some of the tea qualities sold in 2018-2021 will remain in history. In particular, the reform concerns white flavored tea.

Old Tea Shop top 10 favorites in 2021 (organic)

  1. Assam Chardwar (Indian fair black tea)
  2. Orange tea (black Ceylon tea flavored with orange oil)
  3. Korakundah (South Indian fair black tea)
  4. Gunpowder (green tea classic from China)
  5. Black Mango (Indian black tea flavored with mango)
  6. Soul of Sri Lanka (strongly flavored Ceylon tea)
  7. Yunnan Black (distinctive Chinese black tea)
  8. Golden Monkey (Chinese tea classic black tea)
  9. Lapsang souchong (smoked black tea from China)
  10. English Breakfast (mixture of Indian and Ceylon tea)

Japan's tea harvest 2021 arrived in August

In August, new matcha and hojicha arrived from Japan for our customers. The tea supplier is a renowned and tradition-loving family farm from the village of Wazuka in the Kyoto area,

At the same time, we now have a new and exceptionally good Wakocha in the selection. Japan has now started producing this mouth-wateringly good black tea. Of course organic and only available in our shop ;-)

New mint and Assam 2021

From the beginning of August there is a new crop of Old Tea Shop TM mint and Assam tea.

Organic mint varieties have been imported from Portugal. There are three options: spearmint, peppermint and spearmint is still a large-leaf version, which is currently only available in brick-and-mortar stores.

A new high-quality tea crop has been received from the Chardwar farm in the Assam province of northern India. It's about the best tea that meets all environmental criteria. The tea quality class is FTGFOP1, i.e. the same as our Darjeeling qualities.

Spring 2021 harvest

In June, the Old Tea Shop received a new crop of tea from Taiwan. The new blacks are Red Jade Black and Honey Black and the green tea Da Yu Lin. The availability of these tea qualities is limited, so only the fastest get the new batches. Specials Gui Fei or court tea and Jade oolong are also available now. Winter oolong is on hiatus.

In March 2021, the Old Tea shop received a new batch of Yunnan Black tea from China. It has a soft and warming tea taste, slightly sweet. Better quality than last year's crop.

Also from Assam, India, more tea has been received from the Chardwar farm in March.


Old Tea Shop favorites from 2020

In 2020, customers of the ecological tea house bought the following (organic) tea qualities the most, according to sales statistics:

  1. Assam Chardwar (strong Indian black tea)
  2. Soul of Sri Lanka (strongly flavored Ceylon tea)
  3. Orange tea (black Ceylon tea flavored with orange oil)
  4. Yunnan Black (distinctive Chinese black tea)
  5. Earl Gray Superior (Indian Korakundah flavored with bergamont)
  6. Jasmine tea (green Chinese tea flavored with jasmine)
  7. Gunpowder (green tea classic from China)
  8. Korakundah (South Indian black tea)
  9. Black Mango (Indian black tea flavored with mango)
  10. Golden Monkey (Chinese tea classic black tea)
  11. Lapsang souchong (smoked black tea from China)
  12. Pu Erh from Yunnan, China

Purple tea available

From December 2020, Old Tea Shop sells new purple tea, which is produced in the mountains of Kenya and is the newest tea quality.

Colombian tea novelties

In November 2020, new tea qualities from South America were added to the Old Tea Shop selection: Tinto Colombia and Mist Forest. The former is unflavored and the latter is flavored green tea. On the slopes of the Andes at an altitude of 2,000 meters, a fresh tea plant grows, from which we get fruity flavors.

Georgian tea qualities

In August, Old Tea Shop has added Georgian teas to its selection. There are now three of them, i.e. black, green and oolong. In September, we will also organize a themed competition about these qualities. Thursday 24.9. at 5 p.m. there will be free tastings and additional information about Georgia's new winds in the tea market.

New tea crop from Japan

As far as we know, Old Tea Shop is the only tea house and shop in the Nordic region that buys its tea from the Nakai family's traditional farm in Kyoto province. Tea has been cultivated there for over 300 years. Now the new qualities are Kukicha Karigane and the familiar hojicha, gyokuro and matcha qualities from last year.

In June, we received the newest spring 2020 tea leaves in our store from Taiwan as well: High Mountain tea varieties Jinxuan, i.e. Milky Oolong and Shanlinxi oolong, and a green tea specialty, namely Da Yu Ling, which is tea produced in the world's highest mountains. It contains plenty of antioxidants and refreshes both body and mind. Oolong 2009, i.e. aged oolong, was added to our selection.

In March 2020, Golden Monkey arrived

After a long delivery time, a unique Golden Monkey from Yunnan, China has arrived in Finland again. The journey started at the end of last year and after many delays and trials, the soft and full-bodied black tea is now available in the store and at the tea room.


Old Tea Shop favorites from 2019

In 2019, customers of the ecological tea room bought the following (organic) tea qualities the most, according to sales statistics:

  1. Orange tea (black Ceylon tea flavored with orange oil)
  2. Soul of Sri Lanka (strongly flavored Ceylon tea)
  3. Jasmine tea (green Chinese tea flavored with jasmine)
  4. Earl Gray Superior (Indian Korakundah flavored with bergamont)
  5. Golden Assam (fair trade organic tea from Northern India)
  6. Keemun or Qimen Chinese black tea
  7. Orange sencha or Chinese green tea with orange oil
  8. Syystee (black Indian tea with lingonberry oil and vanilla)
  9. Cool Mango i.e. Chinese green tea, e.g. mango lemon and mint)
  10. Korakundah South Indian Black Tea

Other favorite qualities last year were also Milky Oolong from Taiwan, English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Black Mango, Yunnan Green, Päärynäsencha, Puerh, Ginger Sencha, Gunpowder from China and Mao Feng from China.

Yunnan Black is back in the tea shop

On the 19th of December, we again got the long-awaited black tea variety in our selection. Yunnan Black, which was last winter's most popular black tea, has arrived at the tea room. The journey took several months and went through several inspections in China and Europe. In January, we can expect Golden Monkey and the new Assam, namely Assam Chardwar, which, at least based on the test batches, is expected to be a new hit tea in the tea room.

Taiwanese oolongs

In September, we finally got the long-awaited summer harvest from Taiwan. Brand new quality Shanlinxi Green, i.e. green tea from southern Taiwan, developed by a local tea master for the European market. It's worth coming to try the brand new summer harvest at the Old Tea Shop tea room or buy a small trial batch to taste at home.

New Gyokuro and Matcha from Japan

In August, the summer 2019 fresh tea qualities from Japan arrived in Old Tea Shop's selection. For the first time, top-quality Gyokuro is now on sale, which is also certified organic. Previously, the range included Dento Hon, which was of high quality but not ecologically certified. The new gyokuro is from Wazuka near Kyoto, from the same tea garden as the matcha.

After a short break, we also got genmaicha again, i.e. a combination of sencha and roasted rice. The new crop of hojicha is now packaged as loose tea, in other words, the customer can decide for himself whether to buy 100 grams or 50 grams. Previously, hojicha was packed in ready-made bags of 100 grams.

The new matcha crop is packed in small golden jars, the package size is 20 g. We are now selling last summer's matcha at discounted prices in August, i.e. baking matcha for 12.50 euros per 50 g and matcha okumidori for 23.50 euros per 40 g.

More information about the quality of Japanese tea (på svenska)

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Old Tea Shop sells products from the following Japanese tea estates:

1. Nakai's family farm has cultivated tea for over 350 years. The bastards are
have grown and produced tea ecologically in Kyoto since
1987. Uji tea is usually made in the Kyoto area, but Nakai
grow tea in the part of Kyoto where the tea is called
Wazuka-cha. The family has cultivated and prepared tea for seven generations
time, i.e. for more than 350 years.
Nakai's products include gyokuro, hojicha and matcha.

2. Hoshino-Seichaen Tea Garden In Fukuoka Prefecture, Yame is an area that has long been famous
from the production of high-quality tea. There is a small village in the interior of Yame
Hoshino, which is famous for having the best Gyokuro size
in Japan. Hoshino-Seichaen was founded in 1946 and produces
still tea according to the good tradition. They have their own factory which is
right next to the tea garden and so the tea stays fresh and of a high standard
throughout the year. The tea room is ISO9001 and ISO22000 certified. The first means
that the company has a quality process management system standard,
and the latter means, among other things, that traceability is protected
throughout the food chain.

At the Old Tea Shop, Hoshino's products include Sencha and genmaicha