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Da Yu Ling 25 g Green tea

Da Yu Ling 25 g Green tea

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Da Yu Ling is a premium green / Oolong tea from Taiwan. The crop was harvested in May 2022. Da Yu Ling is located about one hundred kilometers from Taiwan's capital Taipei, in the central parts of the island. The tea gardens are at an altitude of 2600-2800 meters, making it one of the highest tea growing regions in the world. In Taiwan, Da Yu Ling tea is only produced in small quantities due to the mountainous conditions and is prized by tea enthusiasts for its multi-layered taste.


1. Western method: teaspoon per 2 dl of water 85-95 C, 1-2 min.

2. Chinese method: 4-6 g per 2 dl of water 95 C, 30-40 seconds, 3-5 times of brewing, in which case the next time is always 20 seconds longer than the previous one.

Note! We sell tea by the gram, so the tea is packed in one bag. For example, if you order 2 pieces of tea, it is 50 grams in total, which is packed in one bag.

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