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Dong Ding Alishan 25 g Oolong tea

Dong Ding Alishan 25 g Oolong tea

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Dong Ding is a famous Taiwanese oolong tea. This Dong Ding tea is produced in Taiwan in Alishan province. Dong Ding means "Cold Peak" and refers to the mountain at the foot of which the original tea garden is located.

In terms of preparation, it is somewhat similar to green teas, as it is only lightly oxidized, 30-40%, after which the leaves are roasted in an oven. Roasting gives the tea a mature fruity character. Do ithas often won the top prize in Taiwan's national tea competitions. The leaves are dark green and rolled up small. When brewing, the leaves open up, thus letting all their flavors into the drink.

The aroma of the tea is light and distinctly floral, with a nutty note. The taste is multi-layered and pleasantly balanced overall. The aftertaste in the mouth is sweet and long, perhaps reminiscent of a little nut. The same leaves should be brewed five times, so that all the flavor nuances come out.


1. Western method: teaspoon per 2 dl of water 80-90 C, 2-4 min.

2. Chinese method: 4-6 g per 2 dl of water 95 C, 30-40 seconds, 3-5 times of brewing, in which case the next time is always 20 seconds longer than the previous one.

3. Mug brewing Taiwanese style: 2 teaspoons (approx. 5 g) water 3.5 dl 85-95 C, brewing time 1 - 1.5 min.

4. Cold brewing: 2 teaspoons per 5 dl of water around 18-22 C, brewing time 6-8 hours.

Note! We sell tea by the gram, so the tea is packed in one bag. For example, if you order 2 pieces of tea, it is 50 grams in total, which is packed in one bag.

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