Earl Grey Superior 25 g (organic) tea blend

€1,50 EUR

The current Earl Grey is produced by Old Tea Shop’s request in the Netherlands. It contains Fairtrade certified farm’s Korakundah’s black high-quality tea leaf. Korakundah locates in South India Nilgiri area, (area made for tea). The tea is organic and somewhat reminds Assam- and Ceylon tea. The aroma is a popular bergamot that has been used since 1830 in Earl Grey tea.

The tea has a balanced aroma and the bergamot aroma is slightly milder than in our second Earl Grey tea. FI-EKO-201 produced outside the EU. 

Infusion: 1-2 teaspoons per 2 dl water 95 C, infusion time 3-5min. 

We sell our tea in 25 g packages. For example, if you were to order 2 items of this tea, it would mean 50 g of tea in total.