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Georgian Black tea 25 g

Georgian Black tea 25 g

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Georgian (Georgia's old name) tea has a long tradition of tea, but for decades the tea gardens lulled Ruususen's sleep until a new tea company started organic tea cultivation in 2017. Now for sale is the harvest collected in May 2021 from the Mandikori farm, with Tomas Kaziliunas as tea master. The top two leaves and tea buds have been picked by hand from the tea bush.

Georgian black tea is a light and distinctive black tea.. The tea name is Berry Breeze, which refers to the berry and summer flavor world.

Stewing: 2 teaspoons per 2 dl of water at 95 C, time 3-4 min.

Please note that we sell tea by the gram, so by ordering one piece you get 25 grams, by ordering 2 pieces you get 50 g and so on.

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