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Court tea (Gui Fei) 25 g Black tea

Court tea (Gui Fei) 25 g Black tea

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Black Taiwanese tea, court tea is called Gui Fei in Chinese. It is the summer 2021 crop from Taiwan. It is somewhat similar to Taiwan's popular Honey Black tea, but court tea has a slightly spicier aroma and is not quite as sweet as Honey.

Gui Fei refers to a royal or imperial concubine. True to its name, hovitee is an elegant and sweet tea that can be enjoyed with invitations or even as a dessert after a meal.


Method 1: teaspoon per 2 dl of water at 90 C, brewing time 2-3 min.

Method 2: 2 teaspoons (6 g) per 2 dl of water at 90 C, first brew for 2 min and then 15 s per brew.

Please note that we sell tea by the gram, so by ordering 1 piece of the product you get 25 g and by ordering 2 pieces you get 50 g and so on.

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