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Organic Hibiscus 25 g Hauduke

Organic Hibiscus 25 g Hauduke

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The hibiscus plant is originally from West Africa, but today it is cultivated around the world, especially in Iran and the Caribbean and Africa. It has several health effects and some even use it in cosmetics to lighten the skin (externally). Sometimes hibiscus water is also called Jamaican water.

The hibiscus tea plant is related to the Chinese rose and the tea is brewed from the petals of the flower. The taste of the drink is slightly sour but soothing. If you want, the drink can be sweetened and served cold, making it a great evening drink on hot days.

The hibiscus in the Old Tea Shop selection is organic certified FI-EKO-201 produced outside the EU.

Brewing instructions: 2 teaspoons per 2 dl of water at 100 C and brewing time 5-10 min.

Please note that we sell tea by the gram, so by ordering 1 piece you get 25 g and by ordering 2 pieces you get 50 g and so on.

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