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Matcha Okumidori Gold organic 20 g

Matcha Okumidori Gold organic 20 g

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Matcha Okumidori is intended for the most important festive moments and should be prepared in pure water without any other substances. Matcha Okumidori Gold from the summer 2021 harvest is packed in a small gold-colored box, inside which is the matcha powder itself in a separate bag. Tea cultivation and matcha grinding takes place in Kyoto's Wazuka using very traditional methods, as the Nakai family has nurtured its tea garden since the 17th century. It received the organic certificate in 1987.

Dosage: 1.5 grams per 80 ml of water with a temperature of 80 C. First mix the tea powder with a splash of lukewarm water to make it mix evenly. After that, add hot water and whisk for about 30-60 seconds, i.e. until there is a beautiful green foam on the surface.

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