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Matcha Wazuka organic 100 g

Matcha Wazuka organic 100 g

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Matcha is a highly vitamin-rich tea powder and Wazuka is a place in Kyoto, Japan's former capital area, where matcha is produced according to old traditions. Nakai's family has been cultivating tea for 7 generations on the same tea farm, and thus the matcha-making skills have been honed to their peak.The Wazuka farm received organic classification in 1987.

This matcha is the new crop of summer 2021 and is excellently fresh and refreshing. Matcha quality is excellent for making matcha lattes, baking, as an ingredient in smoothies or puddings. It is not suitable as a tea ceremony drink.

Usage: for hot drinks, a teaspoon per 0.7 dl of water at 80 C and for cold drinks, double the amount.

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