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Red Jade 25 g Black tea

Red Jade 25 g Black tea

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This rare mountain tea is produced in Taiwan at a place called Yu Chih. It is a mildly roasted and fully oxidized tea. What makes it unique is, among other things, the fact that it is the result of a cross between Burmese Assamica and Taiwanese wild tea. The aroma of the tea is raisin-like sweet and is suitable, for example, as a dessert tea without sweetening.


1. Western method: 2 teaspoons per 2 dl of water 90-95 C, 1 min.

2. Chinese method: 4-6 g per 2 dl of water 95 C, 30-40 seconds, 3-5 times of brewing, in which case the next time is always 20 seconds longer than the previous one.

Note! We sell tea by the gram, so the tea is packed in one bag. For example, if you order 2 pieces of tea, it is 50 grams in total, which is packed in one bag.

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