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Lemon-Chamomile 25 g (organic) tea blend

Lemon-Chamomile 25 g (organic) tea blend

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Freshly lemony, organic green senchatee soothed with chamomile. The seasoning is natural lemon oil, chamomile flowers and pieces of organic lemon peel. The health effects of chamomile are manifold.Most people resort to chamomile when suffering from indigestion, because itgenerally relieves many types of digestive disorders. Chamomile can even help with high cholesterol, by drinking itdrinking at least a cup of chamomile tea a day can somewhat reduce your own cholesterol level.Drinking chamomile tea cangradually relieves symptoms related to stress, anxiety or depression. FI-EKO-201 produced in the EU and outside the EU.

Brewing: teaspoon per 2 dl of water at 95 C, brewing time 2-4 min.

Note! We sell tea by the gram, so the tea is packed in one bag. For example, if you order 2 pieces of tea, it is 50 grams in total, which is packed in one bag.

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