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Fukamushi-sencha 25 g (organic) Green tea

Fukamushi-sencha 25 g (organic) Green tea

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Fukamushi-sencha is a very high-quality green tea that is deep steamed, meaning the tea leaves have been steamed longer and at higher temperatures than usual. The method guarantees that aromas and flavors stand out more clearly than in regular sencha. Organically grown tea SE-EKO-03 made in Shizuoka, Japan.

By consuming Fukamushi sencha, you get plenty of healthy ingredients such as beta-carotene, vitamin E, fibers, minerals and leafy greens.

Preparation: 20 g / liter or 4 g / cup 80-90 C for 40 seconds or

15 minutes in cold water

You can brew from the same leaves at least three times. For the second and third brewing, 90 C and 20 seconds are enough.

In Swedish:

Please note that we now sell this tea by the gram, so by ordering 1 piece you get 25 grams and by ordering 2 pieces you get a 50 gram bag.

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