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Yellow Sun 25 g Yellow tea

Yellow Sun 25 g Yellow tea

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Yellow Sun is a yellow tea from China's Anhui province, like much of the yellow tea production. Yellow tea was once reserved only for the imperial family, because its preparation is much more demanding than other types of tea. It has been written that yellow tea has the sweetness of white tea, the softness of green tea and the gentle aroma of oolong tea, and the rich aftertaste of black tea. Unlike other types of tea, the preparation of yellow tea includes a step where the tea leaves are kept moist between cloths several times and thus the tea gets its characteristic aromatic taste and yellow color.

Brew a teaspoon per 2 dl of 70-80 degrees C water for 2-3 minutes.

Note! We sell tea by the gram, so the tea is packed in one bag. For example, if you order 2 pieces of tea, it is 50 grams in total, which is packed in one bag.

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