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Tinto Colombia 25 g Black tea

Tinto Colombia 25 g Black tea

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South America's gift to the world of tea comes from western Colombia, a traditional coffee country. The Bitaco tea garden, founded in the 1960s, started producing quality tea in 2011 after receiving the appropriate equipment from Japan.

Tinto means dark or red tea. Good coffee is also called there by the same name. The tea variety is a cross between Assam and Chinese teas. Tea has its own unique taste. You can brew a delicious drink from it several times.

The Bitaco tea garden operates responsibly and respects the values of sustainable development. Insecticides are not used in cultivation or otherwise.

Brewing instructions: 1-2 teaspoons per 2 dl of water at 90 C, brewing time 3-5 min.

Please note that we sell tea by the gram, so by ordering one piece you get 25 grams and by ordering 2 pieces you get 50 g of tea, etc.

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