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Vietnam Tuyet San 25 g organic Green tea

Vietnam Tuyet San 25 g organic Green tea

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From the Tuyet San region of Vietnam, you can get this wonderful and tangy fresh FOP-quality organic green tea. The tea garden is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters in the mountains of North Vietnam. In a very old tea area, Tuyet San, the tea bushes have grown into tall trees. The tea gardens are mostly covered by clouds. A long growing season and consistent conditions guarantee high-quality and tasty tea. The tea brewed from the dark olive colored long leaf is a golden yellow drink. FI-EKO-201 produced in Vietnam.

Brewing: teaspoon per 2 dl of water at 80 C, brewing time 2-3 minutes.

Please note that we sell tea in grams, so by ordering one you get 25 g and by ordering 2 you get 50 g and so on.

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